Hello! I'm mariah hovland

I'm here to help hold up the mirror to show you that you are your best thing.

Your Coach. Friend. Advocate. Mama. Entrepreneur. Wife. But mostly? A human being with a whole lot of feelings.

I'm here to support you. To help empower you. We do this through digging through the layers and the stories you’re telling yourself to find YOUR truth. Together we are going to clear what needs to be cleared and explore what you really want your life to look like. And then we are going to create a path to get there. I'm here for you along your path for a season, or longer, you get to decide. 

Meet Your Coach

an IPEC-Trained Professional Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation

My heart speaks to

But you don’t have to be a mother to work with me. And to people finding their voice, either for the first time, or again after losing their light. I'm looking for people with a growth mindset, the people who know they are meant for more, those who desire real change. 

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I'm called to share this part of my soul in hopes that you get to a point of living a happier, more fulfilling life.

I'm not interested in going through the motions, I'm interested in being real, living out loud, and helping you do the same. 

As business owners, as parents, as leaders, and as human people. Growth. That’s the mindset. And it’s empowering as hell.




best friend type


Help you see

Not for everyone

I'm as real as it gets. I'm unfiltered, I'll tell you the unadulterated truth as I see it, but in a way that your best friend would. I'm here to hear your truth - without judgement and validate you where you need, and help you see the blind spots. I'm not for everyone, but if you're a real human, feeling real human emotions and looking to live your best life, I may be for you. 

- Elizabeth

I felt heard, encouraged & driven.

"My experience working with Mariah Hovland has been helpful, insightful & encouraging. She is focused on working with me to ensure the goals I have set are discussed & achieved. I felt heard, encouraged & driven. Mariah offers her own unique style of listening with a twist of fun, professionalism & enjoyment! She is a fearless visionary and I’m grateful for the opportunity I have had in working with her!"

- Laura


"I can’t say enough good things about my coaching experience with Mariah. While our paths are very different, she is an authentic listener with insightful questions that made me see things from a new perspective. Her sense of humor and natural empathy made the sessions easy, even if we were dealing with difficult topics. She encouraged me and gently prodded me towards growth and inspired me to be a better version of myself."

- srlis


"Mariah is all of the things you want in a coach. Relatable, open, & understanding. She has a no judgement atmosphere that allowed me to be my authentic self. Not mom OR wife me, but ME. Thank you."

- ashley


"Your ability to see people. Your ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. The way you process information is very objective, proactive, and practical. You have a natural draw- people want to know you, be with you, experience what you’re talking about. You are courageous, curious, and welcome tough conversation.
You see opportunity and identify a path to do/feel/be better that is pragmatic and actionable"

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